High Humidex Policy


High Humidex Policy

High Humidex Policy for AMBUSC Mini Programs (U4, U6, U8)

For AMBUSC Mini Programs:

  • U4, U6, U8 only:  If the humidex is equal to or greater than 40C 90 minutes before scheduled kick off, the game/practice shall be cancelled.
  • U10 and older:  please check the website for the league your team plays in for the league's policy.  ERSL      GLSL   OCSL

Notice of High Humidex Cancellation

If the Humidex has not decreased below 40C and the cancellation policy is triggered, the AMBUSC shall post a Cancellation Notice on the website and issue a High Humidex Cancellation e-mail to the AMBUSC Mini Program contacts and Referees at least 90 minutes prior to game KO.

(Note:  will be determined by listing on Environment Canada weather website)