Jun 17, 2024
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Rowan's Law: The Risk - Know the Signs of a Concussion

As mandated by the province through Rowan's Law, it is a requirement to have parents and team staff confirm every year that they have reviewed Ontario's concussion awareness resources.  All players (a parent or guardian for players under 18) must have read the documents and completed the Rowan's Law acknowledgement prior to participating in any game/practice/try-out/assessment. 

Review the following documents prior to completing the acknowledgement, which is included in the on-line registration.  On-line registration must be completed prior to participation in any soccer activity. 

The Risk - Know the Signs of a Concussion


Thank you for your understanding and compliance with this important issue -- read/review the documents before you register for any program with AMBUSC!


Recognize signs of a Concussion


Designated Person (Per Phase 2 of Rowan's Law)


Removal from and Return to Play


Code of Conduct for Players (and parent of players under 18)


Code of Conduct for Team Officials (Coaches, etc.)



Game Officials (Referees)

Game officials are essential to most levels of soccer.  Please visit the "Referees" section of this website for more information on how to become a referee.


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