AMM 2023 (to be held January 28, 2024)

Sunday, January 28, 2024, 2 pm, PJ's Restaurant, 394 Madawaska Blvd, Arnprior


a.           Call to Order
b.           Establishment of quorum
c.           Approval of Agenda
d.           Approval of minutes of the previous Annual Members/General Meeting
e.           Presentation of Reports
f.            Report of Auditors
g.           Appointment of Auditors
h.           Business as specified in the meeting notice
i.            Election of Directors
j.          Adjournment


Note:  These elections are being held in 2024 because the AMM, usually held in November, was deferred by the Board into the new year.  The positions to be elected for two years are the positions normally filled in odd numbered years and remaining one year of vacant positions usually filled in even numbered years. PRESIDENT, TREASURER, DIRECTOR OF YOUTH HOUSE LEAGUE, DIRECTOR OF COACHING, DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS, DIRECTOR OF DISCIPLINE, DIRECTOR OF ADULT SOCCER shall be elected in even numbered years while the positions of the following: VICE-PRESIDENT, SECRETARY, DIRECTOR OF GAME OFFICIALS, DIRECTOR OF YOUTH REPRESENTATIVE TEAMS, DIRECTOR OF MINI SOCCER, DIRECTOR-AT-LARGE shall be elected in odd numbered years.

Positions for election in January 2024:

Position Election Term Incumbent Nominee
President Even 1 year Bryan Terrell Zak Butterly
Vice President Odd 2 years Zak Butterly
Secretary Odd 2 years Chris McNeil Shaunna Lavergne
Treasurer Even 1 year Les Laprade Wayne Munro
Director, Youth League Even Jake Davies N/A
Director, Mini Soccer Odd 2 years Zak Butterly
Director, Adult Soccer Even 1 year Alec Vice Mike Martins
Public Relations/
Odd 2 years Remi Goc Remi Goc
Club Head Coach Even Zak Butterly Zak Butterly
Club Head Referee Odd 2 years John Buffam John Buffam
Discipline Officer Even Kevin Johnston N/A
Director of Operations Even 1 year Bryan Terrell
Director, Equipment Odd 2 years Wayne Munro Wayne Munro
Director of Youth Representative Teams Odd 2 years Zak Butterly Zak Butterly
Director at Large Odd 2 years Todd Simpson Alec Vice